Basic Information

Game Name: 5 A Side Legends Football Manager

Company Name: Magic Crumpet

Release Date: July 13, 2017

Platforms: iPhone & Android



5 A Side Legends is one of it's kind. It is the first 5 a side football manager game, and one of only few football games to focus on the culture of british 5 a side. Step into a world of excitement, banter, and camaraderie of 5 a side football. As the player manager it's your job to organise your team, and deal with all the problems of football management as well as the familiar problems organising 5 a side. Your best striker is hungover, your goalkeeper has to leave 15 minutes early to pick up the kids. You want to pick Jeff for the next game, but he's just not got the same banter as Policeman Dave or Chicken-Hut Steve.


Be the manager

You make the choices, you pick the team and the tactics. Your destiny is in your hands!

Wheeling & Dealing

Add players to the team using our recruitment system, with a twist. Our system tries to mimic the real 5 a side experience by requiring you to put up a poster on the notice board, and see who responds!


Improve your players by putting them in training sessions, to enhance specific stats.

Unique Players

Our player generation system produces 1000s of combinations of players all with a unique appearance as well as a unique personality including facts, traits, stats and more. You can even design your own players!


Banter is important to 5 a side and actually makes you a better player. It gives eveyrone a lift and your team is more likely to be succesful if you all get along. Look out for messages from your players, in as the 5 A Side Legends world comes to life.


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About the team

5 A Side Legends was made by 5 guys, who all play in 5 a side football every week! Luke & Jamie started work in December 2015 and asked for the help of Nathan, Adam and Matt. 18 Months later 5 A Side Legends hit the appstores.

The Whole Team

Jamie Healey (Programming)

Luke Avery (Programming)

Adam Fraser (Art)

Nathan Duke (Design)

Matt Bradley (Audio)

Magic Crumpet & The future

During the build up to the release of 5 A Side Legends, Jamie and Luke decided to start a company to release the game under and as a vehicle for future endeavours. This includes continued work on 5 A Side Legends but also potentially other exciting projects! After much deliberation, we settled on the name Magic Crumpet and registered the company. Be sure to check out our future work and visit us at